This site is dedicated to promoting NVC (also called Compassionate Communication) and itís learning process to people in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

With this site you will be able to look up any upcoming events, post any questions or comments or NVC related events you have on the facebook link provided, and get quick links to some of the main NVC resources.

As many of the courses offered on NVC are not in Toronto, a group of dedicated individuals who want to learn and practice NVC decided that putting up this web site might encourage further learning, closer to home. It is our hope, that this web site will help promote and foster further learning for those interested in the life long journey of expressing and listening to others.

We encourage you to communicate to other fellow NVC interested people using our facebook link though we ask you to keep in mind that this site was set up by volunteers. No staff person is assigned to this site and therefore, it might take a small amount of time for someone to respond to your comments. Still, we would love to hear from you and hope to broaden the awareness and interest of NVC in Toronto!



© Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved. Nonviolent Communication Network.

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